September 2016

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Our mission is to provide a safe environment, free from any illicit drugs or alcohol, for people with substance abuse issues. We focus on behavior modifications and are dedicated to consistency, structure, and direction in our homes.

August 30, 2016


Anne and I started this organization to help others with their addictions. We knew there was help available as we had been through it and had found a way out.
Here at Steps to Recovery Homes we have a small staff that handles many tasks. For the most part, each of us performs duties that could easily be the equivalent of 5 jobs! In the last 3

years we have had many ups and downs and continued to just ‘get by’. One way or another God showed up and provided. If you asked me to explain, it would be difficult at best to put into words. I know and truly believe in my heart that we are doing God’s work in healing some of the most fractured people on this planet. Individuals with addictions are classified as disabled and handicapped; they need true examples and leaders to guide them, and to show them the truth and the compassion they need to heal.

We have been helping many people find a path that actually works, and we are unique in that we offer a program to build a healthy foundation for a productive, fulfilling life.

The feeling associated with putting a family back together and changing an individual’s perception from one of indifference to mindfulness, shame to grace, despair to hope is without parallel. This is how we truly get paid. Each staff member gets paid ten-fold by actually dedicating their lives to really helping people and the community around them.

However, in the last few weeks, both properties that we rent – the actual homes in the Steps to Recovery Homes – have been put up for sale. We do not have the funds to buy these properties. This is disheartening and we are doing what we can to find alternative routes to be able to continue to help others who are in need. We can’t do this alone – we need your help and others.

There are now 30+ people in the community with more than a year clean and sober who have been impacted by our program. It would be a shame and disservice to our community to not continue to keep the doors open. We need help with coming up with a workable, lasting solution – one thing we don’t want to do is to continue to have to find new places for our folks to live. We have rented the men’s home for 3 years and the women’s home for 2.5 years. The homes are very nice and well taken care of – after all, that’s part of building a healthy foundation for a productive, fulfilling life! We are an open book, extremely transparent, have never had a neighbor complain, and have always paid our rent.

We know that there are people in this community who care and love what we are doing. We also know that we do not know everyone. So we are asking you – and everyone else who reads this – to reach out and tell others about the important life-saving work we are doing.

Please help us find a solution to these housing and funding issues before it is too late and we have to close our doors to helping men and women recover from their addictions and become contributing members of our community, their families, and the world at large.


We look forward to hearing from you soon… Together we can make a difference!
With sincere gratitude and appreciation,




Damien and Anne Browning

Summer 2016

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