Please note that the information contained herein are the general guidelines and requirement. Each Individual event/booking shall have a specific Facility Rental Agreement (FRA) drawn up that will reflect the elements and requirements for each unique event. *

Payment/Cancellation Policy

A deposit equal to the 50% of the total rental fee is due on execution of the Facilities Rental Agreement (FRA). We require an executed FRA to reserve/book dates. The remaining 50% of rental fee and full payment of the Refundable Security Deposit is due (45) days prior to the event.

Select dates may require 100% non-refundable payment of FRA. Non-payment of full fees/invoices can result in cancellation of event. Insurance

Renter/User is required to provide evidence of public liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000, with a certificate naming Steps to Recovery Homes and property as additional insured. User is responsible for any deductible applicable to the Insurance.

Hold Harmless

User must agree to indemnify and to hold Connection Room and assignees, completely harmless as to any and all claims or demands whatsoever, including but not limited to personal injury, death or damage to property or to the premises incurred or sustained as a direct or indirect result of activities of the User. User understands that personal responsibility, common care and caution is the responsibility of all persons on property. User accepts the facilities “as is” and assumes full responsibility for its staff, assignees, contractors and guests upon execution of this facility’s rental agreement.


It is understood that User is solely responsible for securing and paying for any permits that may be required in connection with the event, and will provide proof of such permits to facility prior to event/function. In addition, if city police or fire departments require onsite personnel for the event, the User is responsible for and will absorb all related costs.


Facility reserves the right to review and approve, in advance, all proposed plans for events, including but not limited to the choice of rental company, caterer and valet parking service, as well as proposed construction plans, space configuration, circulation plan, seating arrangements, lighting, décor, entertainment, and all set-up delivery schedules.

In some cases – event invitations, posters, flyers, signs, or other publicity pertaining to the event, including press releases, must be in reviewed and approved in advance by Steps to Recovery Homes.

Photography/filming permission determined on a case-by-case basis.


FRA covers the rental for the venue only. User is responsible for all other services/needs.

Event producer/User is responsible for providing Steps to Recovery Homes with list of all vendors and their respective contact information within 20 days of event.


Facility shall be responsible for providing any security services for an additional fee.

Facility may require security on-site during larger events (including prep and wrap).


Parking is available.


The User will be responsible for ensuring that the caterer cleans up thoroughly, including removing all trash from the facility or a fine will be issued to the User and taken from the security deposit.

A final clean up after the event is mandatory and must be done by our designated cleaning company. The fee will be added to the rental price as a “Final Clean” fee.


Any construction\build out at the facility must first be approved by Steps to Recovery Homes management. Facility may have staff to help with any build out and a separate fee may be required.


Users must provide any equipment they or their vendors require. Delivery and pick-up of all equipment must be coordinated with the Facility Liaison. The liaison must clear all delivery schedules involving elaborate rentals.

In compliance with fire regulations, aisles between tables indoors must be a minimum of six feet to insure free flow of traffic. Doorways must not be obstructed. All applicable building capacity requirements, fire codes, and regulations regarding exits and entrances must be adhered to.

All rentals and equipment must be removed as promptly as possible after the event. Steps to Recovery Homes shall not be held responsible for any equipment, material, or property of any individual left on premises by the User or its vendors.


Steps to Recovery Homes will not under any circumstances accept COD deliveries on the User’s behalf. Facility personnel will accept certain small deliveries on the User’s behalf with prior arrangement.

The User and/or User’s vendors are responsible for loading, unloading, or carrying any equipment to usage area.


Caterer must provide required & appropriate permits in connection with events. Food and beverages may be consumed and served in designated areas only.

The User will be responsible for ensuring that the caterer cleans up thoroughly. This includes removing all catering equipment, all supplies and all garbage from premises, moping/cleaning any messes in food prep/cooking area, not leaving any dirty dishes or any trash in kitchen.

Caterers may not cook with open flame inside building.

Trash cans and liners within the venue are the responsibility of the User. User/Caterer is responsible for emptying trash from cans and replacing liners throughout the event, and ensuring trash areas are clean at end of event

Alcoholic Beverages

The User is solely responsible for complying with all city, county and state laws, rules, ordinances, and regulations concerning the service and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

If liquor is sold, an appropriate liquor license must be obtained and provided to Facility no less than thirty (45) days prior to event.


All energy and power needs must be reviewed prior to event; we recommend at least 4 weeks prior to function to avoid last minute emergencies. Electrical equipment may only be serviced by electrical lines designated by Steps to Recovery Homes as having sufficient capacity. Any electrical equipment such as microphones, speakers, amplifiers, projectors, extension cords, generators, etc. must be located in contracted areas.


Signs or other “markers” are not permitted outside the venue unless approved in advance. No structural modifications or nails, staples, and tape will be permitted without prior approval. Any costs for repair of structure, walls, etc. to pre-event state shall be borne by User.

Walk Through

It is strongly recommended that User conduct a detailed walk-thru to determine specific needs with ample time before their event. Also – prior to “load-in” a walk-thru to determine prior/existing damage is strongly recommended. At wrap of event, User should do a post-event walk through with venue staff to identify any outstanding issues, damages, extra clean-up, etc.

* Please note that these guidelines may be modified without prior notice.

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