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  • Vanessa O, Former Client

    I can't even tell you how lost I was before I came to Steps To Recovery Homes.

  • Jaret B, Graduated Client

    My personal feelings are that Steps To Recovery Homes have the best program of recovery in the Verde Valley area!!

  • loRen H, Former Client

    I owe my life to this recovery home, I can finally say today, I have a future and it’s a bright one.

  • Jennifer, Graduate

    Steps to Recovery helped introduce me back into society and everyday living.

  • Tami M, Former Client

    Most important I have learned to care for and help others, by being a part of a family and a community, and from great examples like Anne and Damien Browning. I am a miracle!

  • Kelly M, Former Client

    I thrive in an environment that values different points of view, but also values partnership and collaboration. Steps To Recovery Homes has all those intrinsic qualities. Plus, I love the people. I’m blessed with an incredible team. They great human beings who are very good at what they do.

  • Andrew N, Client

    Steps to recovery homes has given me a rock solid, spiritual foundation that money could have never bought

  • Heather B, Former Client

    Thanks to my higher power and all of the things that their program has taught me I now have a new life and I’m so happy! I have a job and have never missed a day of work, I have a place to live, and now I have a car. Most importantly, I now have people in my life that love me and care about me and I’m rebuilding relationships with my children and family.

  • Mike F, Former Client

    I've never worked harder for my recovery in my life, because the people I've met here have proven to me the blessings one is given when you stop lying to yourself about your disease and take accountability for your own life and actions. 90 meetings in 90 days, giving back to the fellowship/ community and family, working steps and practicing principals has been profoundly instilled in me during my stay at Steps to Recovery Homes.