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Vince Glisson

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BIO: Vince Glisson

Vince Glisson, 63 years old, lives in Apache Junction, Arizona, and has been in recovery for 25 years.

My Experience

 President of Kenny Munds Ministries.  Vice president and founding member of the Rwenzori Health Project, a clinic in the western region of Uganda near Kasese.  Founding member of The Floaters Organization.  Founding member of The Millet House in Mesa, Arizona, Part of The Floaters Organization.  Past CEO of Narcotics Anonymous in Arizona.  Chief Information Officer at Western Industrial Resources Corporation for 17 years.  Chief Information Officer at Total Life Ministries for one year.  Chief Information Officer at Teachers Pal for one year. I’m familiar with nonprofits, having set up several and understanding the processes involved in running one. In my current journey of self-discovery, I am a member of CoDA (Codependents Anonymous).

My History

Coming to Arizona on the Greyhound bus on Christmas Eve 1996, my first meal was at the Salvation Army homeless dinner at the Civic Plaza on Christmas Day. I was homeless a few years before I came to Phoenix and stayed homeless for a few years after I got to Phoenix. Some other places I lived were at the homeless shelter, a two-story cardboard box, and under a big pile of carpets at the railroad tracks underneath the Seventh Avenue bridge in Phoenix. Because of God and organizations similar to Steps to Recovery Homes, I now have a life I never dreamed I could have. It is all because of God, who offered me a second chance, and good people who helped ensure my success when I was ready for that second chance. Vince Glisson 4802349292

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