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Lynne Sansom


About Lynne Sansom

Lynne Sansom, Primary Therapist, began working in the substance abuse and mental health field in 2004 when she decided to "give back what was so freely given to her." Lynne volunteered in the sober living home she had completed in Prescott, AZ, in 2003. Lynne moved up the ladder, leading to employment by her sober living as a property manager, mentor, assistant house manager, and Treatment Center.  Lynne continued to be of service throughout the Prescott Recovery community. After her first grandson was born, she became employed at West Yavapai Guidance Center as a BHT/Facilitator for many years until moving to Compass Recovery Center, where she practiced serving as a Primary Therapist for ten years.  In 2022, Lynne moved to the Verde Valley into the home of her dreams.  Throughout her years in the recovery community, she marveled at Damien Browning's unconditional love and servant heart as a result of attending yearly community fundraisers. Lynne always wanted to be a part of the fantastic community movement that Damien and his wife Anne began in the Verde Valley years ago to rebuild the lives of recovery addicts without a place to go, Steps to Recovery homes. Lynne had the opportunity to join the team at Steps and began working at the Konnect Wellness Center in 2024. Lynne continues her work as a primary therapist and case manager.  Lynne's dream is to someday offer free therapy to all who desire her assistance to gain the opportunity to have a joy-filled life. Lynne specializes in inner child processing and has a desire to teach others how to move through grief without the use of a substance. She loves the outdoors, swimming, gardening, landscaping, and bird watching.  Her passions are her siblings, children, grandchildren, and all the friends she has met in her journey of Love. Lynne's motto is "What you think about you bring about." Lynne has manifested a powerful life and testimony. 
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