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Tiffany Smith

Executive Asst/Program Specialist
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BIO: Tiffany Smith, Steps to Recovery Homes Assistant to the CEO

Tiffany grew up in Louisville, KY, went to college in Hartford, CT, moved to Colorado in 1991, and ended up in Cottonwood, AZ, at the start of the pandemic in March 2020.  Her employment background covers various endeavors, including retail sales, store management, benefits administration, human resources, office management, and executive assistant. She obtained her real estate license in CO in 2004 and became a certified personal trainer in 2019.  Her move to Arizona proved to be the most rewarding for personal growth and life purpose; it was here that she forged her relationship with God, bought her first house, and found sobriety.  Tiffany describes her journey in recovery as "nothing short of amazing - the most powerful thing I have truly done by myself, for myself.  It has made me a better person, shaving off my rough edges, teaching me to see my part in everything, and has ultimately led to my understanding that there is hope to cling to even in the darkest of storms.  This is the one thing in life that I have gone all-in, that I haven't given up on".  Tiffany is excited to join forces with Steps to Recovery Homes to make a difference in the lives of those choosing recovery and striving for a healthier, better way of life.  
Tiffany is a key force in Steps to Recovery Homes, assisting the CEO in managing all facets of Steps to Recovery Homes. Please check Miracles Happen Resale Store—Boutique Rehab that supports us in our mission to erase addiction.
Konnect Wellness Center features compassionate, licensed therapists and a holistic, comprehensive curriculum for addiction recovery. The outpatient treatment center offers a supportive environment tailored to recovery.
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