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Men’s Recovery House * Hope House

The mens recovery home, Hope House, is a very well-kept 4-plex with accommodations for 14 men and a House Supervisor. Our trained House Supervisor is Accountable for Ethical Standards. Every apartment has two rooms that hold two men in each room. Each apartment is self-contained for those four men, with a kitchen, dining room, washer, dryer, living room, bathroom, and patio. There is a House Lead in each apartment that is an example and provides guidance and direction. The home has a fenced-in backyard with a BBQ and tables, providing a nice place to relax and hang out. The house is within blocks of the local Alano Club, Food Markets, and many other stores. Located in the Heart of the Beautiful Verde Valley, many things to do and enjoy are within a 15-mile radius. Need guidance on selecting a sober living facility? The Doctor Weighs In – What to Look for in a Quality Sober Living Home

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Do you or someone close to you need help?

Steps to Recovery Homes in Cottonwood, Arizona, is located in the heart of the Beautiful Verde Valley. We are passionate about helping others recover from alcohol and drug addiction. We take a holistic look at the person and compile all factors into a recovery program that focuses on all aspects of life, not just on the addiction. We then look at ways to change the self-destructive patterns that keep individuals from being productive and content in their lives and increase the success rate of individuals with a substance use disorder.


The clients of Steps to Recovery Homes have a real chance at long-term recovery and successful living. We are not just a standard sober living facility. We provide real recovery homes that are safe, structured, and clean, offering an example-driven behavior modification program that includes life skills. These life skills are essential to people that desperately need to be productive members of their families and society. We have a very successful Job Development Program. People with addiction issues face barriers to employment and life. We work with our Job Development clients to teach them the skills needed to remain employable. We provide a safe environment where they can find long-term, successful recovery by putting their recovery first—where there are fewer stressors to make them think that using is the only answer. We offer Daily Life Coaching classes and have weekly opportunities for telehealth with a therapist. Our program is an excellent way to continue to build a foundation after going through a drug rehabilitation program, behavioral health center, or detoxification program. A solid recovery plan and honest guidance enable our clients to stop self-destructing behavior and start living productive and happy lives.


Steps to Recovery Homes provides life Coaching sessions in areas of life usually significantly affected by addiction, trauma, and behavioral issues. Some of these areas are; finances, relationships, personal boundaries, obtaining and securing long-term employment, communication, health and hygiene, parenting, and many more. We believe treatment and rehabilitation should include all the areas of an individual’s life hindered by continued self-medication and avoidance of life’s issues.