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Personal Finance

personal financeIf there’s one thing addicts go through more quickly than drugs and alcohol, it’s money.  Personal Finance problems are almost inevitable when a person develops a drug or alcohol addiction.  If you are in addiction recovery, you need to learn how to manage your money as well of your sobriety.

DUI Drugs Alcohol All Cost Big Bucks

Go through one DUI, and you’ll know what a financial pinch really is.  Court costs, legal fees, fines, a higher insurance rates all come with the package.  And if you’re DUI involved in accidents, you could also face medical bills and car repair or replacement costs.  Whether you are a single person, married, or have a family, the money you spend on a DUI could go a long way towards other things in your life.  And if the temporary loss of your driver’s license makes it difficult for you to keep or get a job, the financial pinch can hurt worse.

Just the cost of the drugs or alcohol alone can throw off a family budget.  To avoid suspicion by a spouse, an addict or alcoholic may hide spending or take money aside for the things.  Some illicit drugs can actually be fairly expensive, especially when a person’s tolerance continues to grow.  Addicts sometimes depend on other family members and friends to fill in their financial gaps.  If this support is available, addicts and alcoholics may even steal money or goods to support their addiction.

Wealthy Drug Addicts Suffer Financially

Even if a person is wealthy, they aren’t exempt them from the financial impact of a drug addiction.  In fact, it can make them even more susceptible because they perceive no real limit to the spending.  How many stories have you heard of famous athletes or actors who went broke because of a drug addiction?

Jason Peter was a superstar college football player.  After he went pro, he developed chronic back pain and took prescription medication so he could keep playing.  He eventually slipped into a prescription pill addiction, but he also used a variety of other drugs.  He squandered much of his fortune on his daily drug addiction until he went to drug rehab and became sober a few years ago.

Drug Rehab Can Help You Stop Wasting Money with Drugs and Alcohol

Addiction does more than harm your body.  It can do lasting damage to your pocketbook and future earnings.  If you feel you are slipping into a drug or alcohol addiction, get to drug rehab right away.  Drug treatment can help you manage your addiction and stop the wasted money flowing out of your pocket.


courtesy of How Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Affect Your Finances

How to improve personal finance

More, making amends is an important part of recovery. It’s fact; it’s step nine of the 12-step program.

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  • Improved Stability
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