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Steps to Recovery: Verde Valley Champions Organization of the Year – Verde News

“Our Mission is to provide a safe environment, free from any illicit drugs or alcohol, for people with substance abuse issues. We focus on behavior modifications and are dedicated to

Browning’s store supports Steps to Recovery cause – JournalAZ

Anne Browning works at Miracles Happen, a new thrift store off of Cottonwood’s Main Street. The store’s proceeds go to help support Steps to Recovery Homes, a nonprofit Browning and her husband started two years ago.

Anne Browning is feeling pretty positive about how everything just seemed to come together. Last Wednesday Browning was working behind the register at Miracles Happen, a new thrift store off

New recovery home offers live-in addiction coaching – Verde Independent

Damien Browning and Anne Vickers

Steps to Recovery is one of the only live-in rehabilitation facilities in Cottonwood, with the next-closest located in Rimrock and Prescott. Anne Vickers and Damien Browning opened Steps to Recovery

Article in Sedona Red Rock News

Damien and Anne Browning, with baby Ava Serenity, run a rehab center in Old Town Cottonwood. Steps to Recovery Homes has both men’s and women’s centers, and helps recovering addicts get back on their feet.

Damien and Anne Browning have been in recovery for a combined 31 years — a fact which inspired them to open Steps to Recovery Homes in Old Town Cottonwood in

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