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Steps to Recovery: Verde Valley Champions Organization of the Year – Verde News

“Our Mission is to provide a safe environment, free from any illicit drugs or alcohol, for people with substance abuse issues. We focus on behavior modifications and are dedicated to consistency, structure, and direction in our homes. We are passionate about our own recovery and want to help others find peace.”

Damien and Anne Browning know of what they speak. The system they have created, Steps to Recovery Homes, was built upon their own experiences.

Anne first met Damien in 1983. Both were attending a narcotics anonymous meeting when she was already 20-years sober. “When Damien and I got together, opening a facility is something we talked about from the beginning,” she said.

They wanted to build an in-house recovery facility in the Verde Valley, something, they say, was previously unknown.

Damien and Anne make sure Steps to Recovery is not simply a break in the atmosphere.

The program is a holistic look at substance abuse that focuses on all aspects of life. It is not just alcohol abuse, heroin, cocaine or crystal meth addiction. It is a proven to maximize the success of individuals with a substance use disorder.

Graduates of Steps to Recovery Homes have a real chance at a long-term recovery and a successful life.

It is not just a halfway house. Steps to Recovery provides real recovery homes that are safe, structured, and clean along with an example-driven behavior modification for the life skills that people need to be able to become a productive member of family and society.

Steps to Recovery has a board of directors and sponsors who believe that the system will bring new citizens to light.

Steps to Recovery requires residents contribute hours of community service and attend several hour-long treatment sessions each week. The patients are not monitored overnight, but can be kicked out if they don’t follow the rules.

“We want them to be self-supporting, but if they don’t have that, we try to provide it for them.”

Miracles Happen is a thrift shop, listed on eBay; 100 percent of the proceeds of the operation benefit the activities of Steps to Recovery.

Damien and Anne have spacious facilities close to shopping and situated to find easy employment. Hope House accommodates men in various stages of substance abuse and Gratitude House to accommodate women is located across town.

The six-month program is a support system for people who have often been rejected by their closest relations.

Steps to Recovery Homes provides Life Coaching sessions in areas of our life that have usually been significantly affected by drug addiction or the abuse of alcohol.

Those areas are finance, relationships, personal boundaries, obtaining and securing long term employment, communication, health and hygiene, parenting and more.

Treatment and rehabilitation should include all the areas of an individual’s life that have been hindered by continued drug use.

“We provide recovery services and focus on 12-step applications,” said Browning.

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