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Article in Sedona Red Rock News

Damien and Anne Browning have been in recovery for a combined 31 years — a fact which inspired them to open Steps to Recovery Homes in Old Town Cottonwood in August 2013.

“We’re passionate about our own recovery and want to help people find peace,” Damien Browning said, seated in the office he and his wife share in the Hope House, which features accommodations for 13 men in varying stages of dealing with substance abuse. “We modeled it after our own lives and recovery,” he added.

The Gratitude House, a second facility for 17 women, is located across town. According to the Brownings, the costs for staying at either facility are minimal compared to other addiction recovery homes: $125 per week purchases counseling services, daily life-coaching sessions, financial planning, employment assistance and a roof over one’s head where no mood-altering substances are permitted.Furthermore, the six-month program is a support system for people who have often been rejected by their closest relations. “When the people come through here, they’re family,” Damien Browning said. He and Anne are currently taking care of the child of a former tenant who has fallen on hard times.
Damien and Anne Browning, with baby Ava Serenity, run a rehab center in Old Town Cottonwood. Steps to Recovery Homes has both men’s and women’s centers, and helps recovering addicts get back on their feet.View article on the Sedona Red Rock News website.

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