• Barbie W, Former Client

    Steps to Recovery gave me an opportunity to discover and live a new way of life - a clean and sober life.

  • Vanessa O, Former Client

    I can't even tell you how lost I was before I came to Steps To Recovery Homes.

  • Andrew N, Client

    Steps to recovery homes has given me a rock solid, spiritual foundation that money could have never bought

  • Jennifer, Graduate

    Steps to Recovery helped introduce me back into society and everyday living.

  • Jennifer, Former Client

    My name is Jennifer. I'm 32 years old. I first came to Steps to Recover Homes in November 2013. I was beaten down by what I thought was life. My family had had enough of my lifestyle which consisted of very little productivity and a whole lot of alcohol. My life was in shambles. I was in the middle of a divorce and custody battle with my husband. I didn't know who I was anymore. I had lost myself as well as many other things including my job, friends and family. Nobody knew what to do including me. The evening I was going to lose my place to live was the same evening I read the article about Steps to Recovery Homes. So with a little willingness and some courage I was able to meet with the directors of the home. I didn't know what i was getting myself into, but Anne and Damien seemed to be willing to guide me through a lifestyle change of recovery. At first I wasn't ready for this big change in my life. I relapsed a couple times before I decided that an inpatient program would be better for me at that time in my life. I went to Hillside for 31 days. I learned a lot while I was there. I still wasn't ready for the real world yet. Steps to Recovery helped introduce me back into society and everyday living. They coached me through rough times, as well as helped me celebrate the good times. Life coaching sessions were given every day. Volunteers would come share their experience, strength, guidance, hope, and love. Steps to Recovery taught me to give back by being of service to local nonprofit organizations. Today I am free from any mood or mind altering substances. Those things don't have to run my life anymore. I have partial custody of my beautiful daughter who is a very sassy 7 years old. I am fully self-supporting. I love my life now. I am blessed with the opportunity to work with the women of the recovery home. I watch miracles happen every day. Thanks to my recovery family, my family, all my friends and to anyone who has supported me in my journey to finding a better me. I will continue my journey working with the recovery home, being of service and loving life.  

  • Julian M, Former Client

    All I had to do was make the decision to take responsibility for my recovery and be willing to work the program while changing my behaviors.

  • Stephanie D, Graduate

    This is a place where desperation meets hope and self discovers unity

  • loRen H, Former Client

    I owe my life to this recovery home, I can finally say today, I have a future and it’s a bright one.

  • Tami M, Former Client

    Most important I have learned to care for and help others, by being a part of a family and a community, and from great examples like Anne and Damien Browning. I am a miracle!

  • Jaret B, Graduated Client

    My personal feelings are that Steps To Recovery Homes have the best program of recovery in the Verde Valley area!!