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Steps to Recovery Homes is located in Cottonwood Arizona which is the heart of the Beautiful Verde Valley. We are passionate about helping others recover from alcohol and drug addiction. We offer a holistic look at substance abuse and compile all factors into a recovery program that focuses on all aspects of life not just on the alcohol abuse, heroin addiction, cocaine or crystal meth addiction. This way has been proven to maximize the success rate of individuals with a substance use disorder. Our graduates of Steps to Recovery Homes have a real chance at long term recovery and a successful life. We are not just a halfway house. We provide real recovery homes that are safe, structured, and clean along with an example driven behavior modification program that actually provides the life skills that people desperately need to be able to be a productive member of their families and society. We are within blocks to a drug counseling program that collaborates with our mission. Our program is an excellent way to continue to build your foundation after going through drug rehabilitation program, behavioral health center, or a detoxification program. We believe a solid recovery plan and some real guidance can enable you to stop self-destructing and start living a productive and happy life.

Steps to Recovery Homes provides Life Coaching sessions in areas of our life that have usually been significantly affected by drug addiction and/or the abuse of alcohol. Some of these areas are; finances, relationships, personal boundaries, obtaining and securing long term employment, communication, health and hygiene, parenting and many more. We believe that treatment and rehabilitation should include all the areas of an individual’s life that have been hindered by continued drug use.